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BACS Consulting

BACS Consulting Group

From San Ramon to Oakland, CA and beyond, BACS has become the managed services provider the Bay Area trusts to handle every aspect of your company’s IT, data security, and cloud computing needs. With your business in mind, we tailor solutions based on your needs and growth plans.  Communication with your leadership is paramount in achieving this. We’re pleased to offer our managed services for flat fee subscription billing in order to bring the best value possible. With our strict “no-robots” policy, when you call us, you’ll always get a real live person and a friendly voice on the other end of the line, ready and willing to help you with all your IT needs to bring the best experience possible.  

bay area managed it services provider BACS Consulting offering better IT - better managed it services 

Comprehensive Information Technology Services to Keep the Bay’s Systems and Data Secure and Running, No Matter What

System downtime is bad for business. A glitchy, slow site, a security breach, or a power outage can damage your company’s credibility and suggest to prospective clientele your business may not be up to the job of safeguarding their proprietary information the way they expect. At BACS, we focus on keeping your systems safe, secure, and running at peak efficiency with the minimum downtime possible, to ensure your business always delivers the sort of performance you want your clients to receive. 

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     The Bay Area’s Managed Services Provider of Choice for Hardware and Software 

    It doesn’t matter how great your website runs or how robust your cybersecurity is if your infrastructure isn’t up to the challenges of ever-increasing business. BACS’ IT project management capabilities go beyond software to the underlying infrastructure of your business, helping you be ready for whatever the next stage in the evolution of your company might be. Our turnkey solutions are designed to integrate easily into your existing physical support systems, and we won’t be satisfied with our work until you are!

    Being A Premiere  Bay Area IT Consulting Company Our Services include:

    Cybersecurity, IT support, and data center development, remote monitoring, and hosted exchange solutions powered by Microsoft Project management, backup, and disaster recovery services and much more!

      A Managed IT Solutions Provider for San Francisco and Beyond

    BACS’ industry-leading services and capabilities have made us one of the most sought-after IT consulting firms in San Francisco. We bring a “Can do” ethos and attitude to every project we undertake, support new or upgraded infrastructure to cutting-edge remote monitoring and cybersecurity methodologies. We believe every job and client deserves the same attention and care, whether we’re discussing small or medium-sized businesses or multinational conglomerates. From San Jose to San Francisco, Sacramento to Morgan Hill, BACS Consulting Group has you Bay Area Business Covered!

     We Are Proud To Deliver Turnkey Managed Services For Industries And Small And Medium-Sized Businesses Across California And The Nation, Including But Not Limited To:

    Biotech and life sciences, document management, HIPAA Security Compliance, Strategic Technology Guidance, Construction Job costing and bidding tools and solutions, Dispatch operations, Bespoke project management tools, Financial Email archiving, Confidential information, security and exchange tools, Mobile, secure access to critical files anytime and anywhere, Small and medium business Assure security of confidential customer information ensure your IT infrastructure is prepared for wherever the future takes your business, Increase productivity, and oversight without busting your IT budget

    The Right Computer Solutions for All Your Business’s Needs

    As computer technology and the software administering it becomes more complex, it can be difficult to keep your systems in step with the latest advances. BACS creates managed services solutions married seamlessly to the needs of your business, with less downtime, increased productivity and heightened responsiveness. From hardware to software to security, BACS is your one-stop managed IT services solution!  

     Cyber Security for a Changing World, Delivered by a World-Class IT Consulting Firm

    In today’s world, fast and portable aren’t enough. Your data also needs to be secure. At BACS, we use the latest cybersecurity technology, practices and protocols to ensure your data is always where you need it, when you need it—and kept safe from prying or unauthorized eyes. Our solutions are tailor-made to the needs of your business and the ever-changing regulatory, statutory and best-practices landscape, increasing peace of mind for you and your clients and helping make sure your systems are hardened against even the most dedicated infosec attacks. 

    Fast, Secure Cloud Services to Ensure Your Data Is Always Where You Need It

    When you need access to your crucial data immediately, or when you want to check in and make sure a sensitive project is proceeding as planned even though you’re away from the office, you need the functionality to do it now. Even more frightening than not having access to your data now is not having it at all due to a system attack, glitch or failure. At BACS, we firmly believe in prevention through redundant backup systems and fail-safes to minimize disruption and data loss due to natural or human-caused activity.


     Find peace of mind with our suite of turnkey cloud and backup and disaster recovery services, including:
    • AWS/Azure cloud computing solutions
    • Backup systems and storage
    • Hosting exchange services
    • Remote monitoring 
    • Active and passive cybersecurity solutions
    • Managed client portals
    • And more!

    To learn more about why BACS is the only managed IT services provider you’ll ever need, call us at (650) 887-4601!


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