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To say technology has “transformed the lives of every Bay Area resident” is a wildly underestimated statement. As one of the world’s central linchpins of technology, the San Francisco Bay Area has become the largest concentration of high-tech jobs in the United States.

Achieving enterprise goals in the modern landscape requires a sense of urgency and precision. One of the ways that this can be done is through a partnership with a professional IT consulting company. Information technology consulting in the Bay Area helps organizations become more efficient by streamlining processes to boost performance.

Forrester Consulting, through Dell Technologies, released a study in May 2021, showing the value and needs of outsourcing specialized IT expertise.

  • 74% of IT decision-makers agree that their internal technology resources DO NOT meet demand
  • 71% agree that efficient IT organizations reduce Risk in deployed new technologies
  • 54% of companies currently work with outsourced talent to enhance strategic-level planning
  • 45% of the decision-makers are looking for solution providers via as-a-service models

The success of any business is going to be dependent on the proper use and implementation of information technology services and systems. Today’s landscape requires businesses to remain agile not only in how they do business, but how they adapt to this rapidly changing environment. This means rolling out new technology systems that can reduce inefficiencies, while at the same time increasing security and system stability. While this can be done in-house in many instances, the time it takes to do so is generally significantly increased when compared to working with an outsourced IT professional. But why is that?

The standard in-house IT staff at any particular company isn’t always going to be up-to-date on every new piece of software or hardware that becomes available. While they may know about the systems or software that are being released, they do not have the hands-on experience to implement the changes as quickly as an outsourced IT company who has performed numerous rollouts of the same software or hardware additions in question. This leads to faster, more effective implementation, with little to zero risk of launch failure. This can translate into thousands of dollars, if not more, in terms of savings and could mean the difference between a secure system and one riddled with vulnerabilities.

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MSPs and MSSPs

As the enterprise continues its drive to complexity, so do the companies that maintain and innovate technology and infrastructure. It is these types of companies that are setting the tone for faster, more efficient and cost-effective solutions that give businesses, like yours, the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Managed Service Providers

San Francisco and the Bay Area remain a centerpiece for some of the most advanced technology companies in the world. The region boasts sophisticated cloud computing centers and millions of networks with hardware and software of every type imaginable. Maintaining these vast systems requires elite teams of outsourced information technology consultants to help ensure maximum efficiency while also maintaining a robust infrastructure.

The finest high-tech firms in the Bay Area outsource a significant portion of their cloud infrastructure and applied engineering work to elite IT Consultants. The history of information technology consulting is relatively short and tied to the growth of the enterprise.

Over the last few years, Bay Area IT consulting firms have fragmented their services into complete enterprise solutions. With demand skyrocketing, consulting firms in San Francisco and the surrounding regions parallel the strategic growth of these high-tech industries.

24/7 security has become an essential part of every business in the modern era. Managed Security Service Providers offer the enterprise outsourced monitoring and management services to give these businesses the safety-net they need to do business in today’s technologically driven world.

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MSSPs are specialized consultants delivering managed firewalls, intrusion detection, VPN management, antiviral services, and vulnerability scanning. MSSP firms reduce the number of security personnel the enterprise must hire and train, without compromising on the stability and security of their networks and systems.

MSSP Services:

  • Continuous Security Monitoring provides real-time visibility into the IT functions of an enterprise. Ultimately, CSM refines an organization’s threat detection initiatives.
  • Vulnerability Analysis defines and classifies the various threats an enterprise may experience. VA is a real-time assessment that works in conjunction with other tools to identify vulnerabilities and help eliminate them before they become a point of concern.
  • Threat Intelligence is evidence-based knowledge about existing or emerging hazards to enterprise assets. This helps to provide a bird’s-eye view on current and future threat vectors and allows the company to take steps to prevent common issues such as data loss, theft, or corruption.

Only the finest IT consultancy firms offer the best of both worlds. MSSP’s are efficient, cost-effective ways to protect data and networks.

MSP vs. MSSP – What is The Difference?

The MSP ensures your company and technology infrastructure runs smoothly, and its work affects everyone inside and outside the company. A firm’s MSP makes sure data is always available while remaining secure to the company and customer.

The primary focus of a Managed Service Provider is in the area of total technology administration. An effective MSP provides infrastructure, application, and network support.

Managed Security Service Providers began life in the 1990s offering basic firewall and network support. In the modern era, MSSP offers companies a complete security platform, from data protection to cyber-security monitoring. As cyber-attack vectors expand, so do the offerings of an effective MSSP.

Complexities of the enterprise have varying access levels; MSSPs make these customizations, so the business is secure, allowing access to sensitive information to those who need it. While an MSP is focused on performance and usability, MSSPs are concerned solely with security.

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Are Technology Services Essential to a Successful Enterprise?

How robust is your company’s cloud infrastructure, or how often does the IT department scan for vulnerabilities? The previous questions are just a few of the queries needed in a successful enterprise. The modern organization requires an efficient infrastructure with focused performance metrics that need to be tracked and analyzed on a routine basis.

Scott Devens, CEO at Untangle says, “With a changing workplace landscape, and a continued rise in cyberattacks, SMBs have shifted their mindset from ‘it can’t happen to me,” to taking security threats seriously, To that end, they have increased their focus on IT Security, they have stronger networks than a year ago and have plans for further attack-prevention for the future. There’s a definite trend towards putting more IT in the cloud and following a multi-layered security approach.”         

 MSP Services:

Here are some of the proprietary services offered by MSPs in the Bay Area and around the globe.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) is a business model that delivers licensed software over the internet to the enterprise. Rather than downloading and maintaining software, these packages are outsourced to professional firms.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers companies cloud-computing services that provide APIs, servers, and operating systems. Healthcare is a prime example of an industry that uses IaaS.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud-computing on-demand environment for managing, testing, and delivering software applications. PaaS is a developer-friendly application to create web programs, without worrying about set-up services.

Information technology service providers can fully administer or co-manage a business’s security and digital infrastructure requirements. Performance-oriented IT Consultants are designed to help organizations secure critical assets while saving money. The best information technology firms free up resources, leaving valuable time for leadership to focus on other tasks the business may require.

Bay Area Businesses Achieve Their Goals

San Francisco and Bay Area technology hotspots are uniquely positioned to push the technology envelope. Small IT Consulting enterprises with the right technology disciplines compete handily against the major tech firms.

Challenges to Large Firms, Opportunities for Small Business:

  • Every day validity has become a significant headwind to large tech firms. Devastating cyber-attacks are causing headaches for companies and their security firms. 49% of consulting firms in every industry report that market unpredictability has become a significant challenge.
  • Changes in how companies buy technology services are constantly in flux. High-tech companies in the Bay Area look for their exact technology needs, talent, and solutions. Cutting-edge science, engineering, and health organizations seek complementing services, not competing.

Information technology plays a significant role in any size business with an elite Managed IT Service Provider. High-tech firms have learned to leverage their valuable data, making each enterprise more efficient. Sometimes these efficiencies are the difference between success and failure.

Top MSP and MSSP Companies

Choosing an IT Consultant that fits the needs of a company can be challenging. However, the enterprise needs to know precisely what qualities to look for in a consultant. Without knowing the precise requirements, there could be plenty of prospects misaligned to meet your needs.

The companies below are not endorsements. 

The brief reviews only set examples of the specific services offered by the discipline.   

Firms Offering Everything:

Ernst & Young, Building a Better Working Future – EY is a massive enterprise with over 700 offices located worldwide. EY boasts several divisions that serve the complete enterprise.

Ernest & Young features four distinct product lines, Assurance, Consulting, Strategy and Transactions, and Tax. Separate divisions are available within each discipline.  There would be no better organization to pattern services after than EY.

MSSP Enterprise in the Bay Area:

SolCyber offers its services to a specific market segment, Mid-market companies, which is a strong point to look for in an MSSP. SolCyber offers a fully managed, 24/7 threat detection cyber ecosystem. Some of the services they offer, many enterprises consider necessary, including:

  • Ransomware Assessment
  • Email Protection
  • Endpoint Security

Here is an example of what you should expect from your IT consultants in the Bay Area – you want regular resources to help you know ways of keeping your business safe!

Signs of Email Threats You Need to Know BACS IT


BACS IT, which offers Bay Area IT consulting, is a company that offers everything, including personalized services for every type of business. The company offers its proprietary services to the most vulnerable sectors, including Healthcare, Construction, Financial, and Business.

BACS has highly experienced and passionate team members that pay attention to the minute details that could signal success or failure.

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Technology has a rich and proficient history. With so many disciplines and the advancement of as-a-service models, only a few IT Consultants have the expertise to help your business run flawlessly from an information technology standpoint.

Technology in all its iterations is a fascinating branch of knowledge to write for, work in and develop. The Bay Area and surrounding regions are known globally as one of the most vital technology hubs. Work with a company right in the middle of it all. Schedule a call with the experienced Bay Area IT Consults of BACS IT.

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