Email Threats Can Come from Anywhere

The first step to avoid an email threat is to know what it looks like!
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Phishing emails are one of the biggest threats facing small businesses today. They’re designed to trick people into sharing personal information, like passwords and credit card numbers. If your business is hacked, it can lead to identity theft or even financial loss. And if you don’t have an IT department on hand, you may not even know what happened until it’s too late.

Any device that accesses email could pose a risk to your company!
Do your employees know how to spot an email threat? Or would they open it?
The cost of a data breach increases each year. Could your company survive?
Having email threat intelligence on your side can keep your data and business secure!
BACS IT Offers Email Threat Protection

Do you know how to spot an email threat?

You deserve peace of mind knowing that your employees will be protected from phishing attacks at all times – whether they work remotely or on-site; during office hours or after hours; with company equipment or personal devices; using any type of computer (Mac, PC, Linux), tablet, or phone. With us by your side every step of the way, there's nothing stopping you from achieving success online!

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BACS IT Signs of Email Threats