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Customer Focused IT Services Bay Area

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Data Recovery and Business Recovery Planning


In today’s mission-critical business environments, users expect minimal disruption, zero data loss, and recovery times that are calculated in minutes rather than hours. This puts immense pressure on IT teams to restore systems quickly and efficiently.  That’s where BACS can help. With more than 20 years of experience helping companies bolster their IT security, detect performance gaps, and plan for disasters,

BACS is ideally positioned to help ease the stress and burden of backup and recovery planning and testing.  Our best practice approach helps you prioritize business needs and downtime tolerance. We can help keep your businesses up and running when systems fail or a network is breached―quickly identifying and correcting vulnerabilities and restoring data and systems with minimal disruption.

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IT Assessment, Analysis and Reporting


As the number of servers in your IT environment continues to multiply, problems can emerge, including inefficiencies, redundancies, and security vulnerabilities. Eventually, it’s difficult to determine what is performing well and what is not, and where to invest your management resources. Whether you need to deploy a single server or a complete cloud server architecture, BACS can help you create a server environment that is optimized for your business needs and will scale appropriately. By easing your server management burdens, your IT team is able to focus on more strategic business priorities.

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BACS provides us with outstanding IT consulting/services, competitive rates, deep technical expertise, excellent customer service and flexible remote/on-site scheduling. BACS provides significant value to our organization by enabling us to be more agile and responsive by providing superb day-to-day front-end user support, infrastructure & systems administration and tailored project consulting services.

Johnny DonavichSenior Manager of IT, DFINE, Inc.

I wanted to reach out and say a big “Thank You” to BACS for helping with our security crisis here. It was a very scary time for us. I felt that you truly understood that urgency, and I think we nailed the problem. I appreciate that more than you know. It means the world to truly have some I.T. people who are “On Our Team”, and your initial help was excellent.

D. FagellaOwner, Mountainview, CA

BACS provides an excellent cost effective IT service from computer setup to setting up a server and network. One of the benefits to using BACS is their flexibility and willingness to do special projects such as installing new wiring or server on short notice. Also, it has been nice to have IT support on-site part-time three days a week and also have phone support at other times.

Marilyn FoustOffice Manager, Eargo Inc.

I needed help in converting my computer E-mail system so that I could use it with Microsoft exchange and synchronize with my cell phones. This is quite a complicated process and Jeremy worked very hard to set up correctly. Everything worked as promised when he was done so I’m quite pleased.

R.S.CEO, Palo Alto, CA
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Mitigate Your Cybersecurity Risks

Today’s IT environments are complex and diverse. They are physical, virtual, and distributed across geographies, making it increasingly difficult to identify vulnerabilities and threats that could put your data and business assets at risk.  That’s where BACS can help. We begin with a deep understanding of your business needs. We then provide detailed recommendations on how to correct any issues and reinforce your defenses against rising internal and external threats.  Our vulnerability assessments provide an in-depth review your IT infrastructure, identify configuration flaws, and uncover areas of weaknesses that could lead to exposure of your applications or systems.

Unlock the Full Potential of the Cloud

Many businesses think they have a smart cloud approach, but when you peel back the layers, you often find their planning weak and their strategies poorly defined. At BACS, our consultants will review your IT environment with the future in mind. We consider your business needs and the degree of integration you need in your cloud environment.

Optimize the Value of Cloud

We take into account your available budget, your current infrastructure requirements, and your future management plans. Our expert analysis and roadmap planning help ensure the best approach to migrating your platforms and applications to deliver optimum performance and maximum return on investment.

The Best IT Customer Service Experience in the Bay Area

In an era where technology often drives business growth, IT is more critical than ever. A calculated, strategic approach to IT planning can help keep your business operating efficiently, nimbly, and securely. BACS Bay area consultants are well-versed in the importance of integrating IT into your overall business strategy. Whether you need assistance with a backlog of technology projects, support for ongoing maintenance, direction for the next IT investment, we can help you define your vision and create a strategy that will help deliver optimum value in the shortest time.

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