James Berger | Chief Information Officer


As a partner and Chief Information Officer, James Berger innovates and executes technology solutions and transformations for BACS Consulting Group. Driven to deliver the ultimate customer experience, James spearheads the continuous improvement of both the firm’s service offerings and its customer service methodologies. James’s successful leadership stems from a unique and compelling combination of technology and management expertise.

On the technology side, James started his career as an IT Support Technician at Quantum Corporation. Inspired to make a difference at a more palpable level, James moved onto IT Consulting, helping small- to medium-sized businesses. It was through his experience as an IT consultant and a business owner that James acquired and nurtured the skill of understanding clients and what they want. In his most recent role before joining BACS, James designed and managed the expansion of Myoscience’s network to support the company’s worldwide operations.

On the management side, James’s secret weapon is his sincere passion for empowering and motivating others to achieve their full potential. “I tell my employees that my job is to work them out of a job at BACS one day. I welcome employees who have great ambitions and encourage them to use us as a stepping stone, learn from us, and then take their career to the next level,” says Berger. With this visionary attitude, James recruits employees who genuinely want a career in technology and motivates them to deliver their best performance. To date, several clients have hired away BACS’s employees as their own IT needs warranted in-house support.

James’s passion for helping and mentoring others is not limited to work or technology. In his free time, he volunteers as a High School football coach. As a former football player himself, he now enlists his wife (who is his High School sweetheart) and his four kids to give back to the school they all attended by mentoring new and upcoming players. “Not only do I enjoy the game, but what gets me coming back year after year is seeing the impact that I have on these kids and encouraging them to be positive influences in their school, families, and community,” says James.

James’s innate ability to merge technology and people skills opens new opportunities for BACS to transform the way technology-based solutions are delivered. From hiring a Customer Experience Manager to instill internal accountability to building and nurturing positive relationships with clients at all levels of involvement, James continues to measure his success as the number of people he positively impacts.