Jeremy Kushner | Chief Executive Officer


As co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at BACS Consulting Group, Jeremy Kushner has been instrumental in providing fully integrated solutions that empower businesses to get to the next level by understanding and maximizing the use of technology. “My role is to build the infrastructure that allows us to truly become a partner with our clients so we can turn technology from a cost center into a profitable part of their business,” says Kushner. “The key to delivering such a partnership is to pay attention to all the individual components that add up to an exceptional end-user experience, from making decisions that affect productivity and profitability to staffing our help desk appropriately.” 

As preparation for his current role advocating the human side of technology, Jeremy put computers on hold early in his career to earn a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master of Arts in Education. His education served as a platform to both discover and make an impact in the world by teaching English as a second language in Europe and Latin America. Returning to the United States in time for the Silicon Valley technology boom with a well-rounded experience, Jeremy jumped into the industry as an Enterprise Software Trainer, melding his passion for technology with his expertise in education. 

The scope of Jeremy’s leadership roles and impact range from managing the programs and operations of a new training department and building it to a $5M business in 3 years, to successfully helping in a catastrophic data recovery endeavor with no backup or spare system where two IT vendors had previously failed. Adventurous in nature, Jeremy has pushed on the physical demands of training at a mining facility at approximately 15,000 feet above sea level, where his team had to endure air travel, land transportation, and even oxygen and rest requirements. This degree of dedication earned his team recognition for going well above and beyond to get the job done.

With this significant 20 plus year background and having held senior positions in the Enterprise Software industry—recruited by Symantec, Veritas, and ArcSight—Jeremy decided to start BACS with his brother Michael to become innovative market leaders in helping end-users maximize their investment in their IT infrastructures.

In addition to remaining passionate about travel, food, and wine, Jeremy maintains an active lifestyle that includes hiking, cycling, and tennis.  With his wife and two daughters, Jeremy leads a family who is engaged in the community and interested in participating in the diverse activities the greater Bay Area has to offer.