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Protecting your critical business systems is not only a security issue; it is a central business concern. It requires smart investments in technology and resources to address an increasingly complex threat landscape. That’s where BACS can help.

With our comprehensive portfolio of backup and recovery and business continuity solutions, our team can evaluate your existing IT environment and create a solution that meets your specific needs and budget requirements. By assessing the potential impact on business systems, you can prioritize infrastructure and applications and define your precise uptime requirements.Competitive advantage in today’s market tends to favor those who know how to get the most from their IT investments. Achieving cost optimization requires a clear and documented framework for measuring, analyzing and predicting IT and business performance and risk.

BACS provides impartial, fact-based recommendations designed to make your business more efficient and productive. You might need updated tools or processes, or perhaps simple a better configuration for the tools you have. Either way, we’ll help you make the right decision. We’ll make recommendations based on what works and what is going to deliver optimum return on your investment.[testimonial_slider style=”multiple_visible” color=”accent-color-dark”]

[/testimonial_slider]As cybersecurity becomes increasingly more complex, many organizations don’t have the resources or knowledge they need to create an effective strategy. That’s why you need a trusted security expert like BACS who not only understands the latest security trends but can accurately define your business requirements and implement a plan that aligns with your current and long-term needs. At BACS, our strategic approach to building a secure foundation starts by understanding what is most important to you and then structuring both proactive and reactive solutions that support your business growth. We consider key infrastructure requirements, risk factors, performance capabilities, and resource optimization as part of a detailed, balanced strategy.

Optimize the Value of Cloud

Migrating to the cloud offers numerous advantages, but for many organizations, making the right decisions about how to best leverage cloud technology can be confusing.

IT Cloud Assessment and Analysis

We’ll assess the capabilities of your IT operations and examine your strategic options, whether it’s outsourcing, owning, or a hybrid approach. We follow best practice methodologies and processes to form the basis of growth estimates, sourcing options, and cost models.

-“Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.”

― Ginni Rommety