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Managed IT Services – Managing Change, Driving Efficiency, and Optimizing Investments

Managed IT Services in Santa Clara

No area of an organization encounters more change than IT. The daily demands on IT leaders to optimize performance, safeguard data, meet regulatory requirements, and drive efficiency are ever-increasing. Complicating matters is the high turnover rate among IT staff. With every team member exit, vital knowledge is lost―making it increasingly more difficult to optimize IT investments and stay ahead of the technology curve.

Managed IT Services has emerged as a powerful resource as businesses discover the advantages of working with an outside IT expert to help keep their IT operations running efficiently, reliably, and securely. In an era where technology is a fundamental driver of business growth, efficient, reliable IT performance is more critical than ever.

At BACS, we bring deep industry and technology expertise to the complex world of IT. Our consultants work with you to understand your goals, business processes, and technology environment to help you make informed decisions and chart an optimum path to success.

“BACS consultants are well-versed in the importance of integrating IT into your overall business strategy. Whether you need assistance with a backlog of technology projects, support for ongoing maintenance, direction for the next IT investment, we can help you define your vision and create a strategy that will help deliver optimum value in the shortest time.”

Improving Performance Through Smarter IT Decisions

Our focus is on helping you implement winning solutions for continuous improvement. Our flexible delivery models are designed to fit your unique needs while minimizing the impact on business operations.

With documented results and an established track record of success, it’s difficult to deny the value of the managed IT services business model. By assuming responsibility for daily maintenance and support tasks, your provider helps keep your IT systems and processes operating at peak performance while freeing up internal resources to focus on more pressing initiatives.

“With BACS, you benefit from access to our entirety of IT knowledge, working with specialists who have decades of experience across industry and technology domains. BACS experts understand the complexities of technology support and work to help ensure your IT systems and processes are aligned with business priorities and will scale appropriately.”

Working with BACS you’ll gain:

  • Access to the latest technologies. Working with BACS allows you to gain access the latest technologies and business-grade solutions that can help maintain uptime, safeguard assets, and sustain profitability. The benefits enabled by new technologies are important, but tapping technology’s full potential requires a careful, strategic approach to deployment and management―which is where the knowledge and expertise of BACS consultants can deliver immense value.
  • Cost efficiency. Monitoring the health of your IT environment―a core service of BACS―can help identify problems before they lead to costly downtime or disruption. Your in-house IT staff can focus on more important priorities, with our team of specialists filling in the gaps and providing routine and specialized services where they are needed most. With our flexible managed services model, you benefit from more predictable pricing and manageable costs, allowing you to better plan and budget for larger IT projects and improvements without the restrictions of a lengthy support contract.
  • Enhanced security. BACS is well-versed in the latest security tools and best practices to protect IT systems against today’s relentless barrage of cyberattacks. We also have the knowledge and expertise needed to mitigate threats quickly once they have been detected. With customized backup and recovery and business continuity planning solutions, we can help keep your businesses up and running in the event of a disaster―quickly identifying and correcting infrastructure vulnerabilities, and restoring data and systems with minimal disruption.

Peace of mind. In today’s fast-paced IT environment, finding time to focus on the routine functions of infrastructure management is increasingly difficult. With tools and techniques that can help detect performance gaps and potential vulnerabilities, BACS is ideally positioned to help ease the stress and burden of day-to-day IT management. By outsourcing ongoing support tasks to a trusted partner, you can focus on more strategic activities with greater peace of mind knowing that your IT operation is running smoothly and efficiently.

Aligning IT Needs with Business Goals

As businesses struggle to support growing IT complexity, many are stuck in reactive mode, continuously putting out fires and rushing to resolve the latest crisis? Reactive measures can’t be completed avoided, but you can improve your approach.

“BACS works with you to assess your IT environment, identify support gaps, and determine where processes can be improved. We help you take full advantage of the opportunities a proactive IT approach enables, whether it’s growing revenue, capturing market share or enhancing the customer experience.”

Changing business models are driving a shift in the role of IT―from managing technology and supporting operational processes, to the higher, more strategic goal of driving business value. As business needs change, more focus is needed to ensure that IT support tools and resources are designed, implemented, and managed in an efficient and consistent manner.

Our expert consultants understand the complexities and challenges of technology deployment and work to ensure your solutions align with your priorities and will scale appropriately. You’ll get daily reporting, quarterly reviews, personalized training, and additional support. You and your team can focus on strategy and growth, rather than worrying about keeping the lights on.

Our team of consultants will help you:

  • Define and clarify your vision and strategic imperatives
  • Analyze and identify opportunities, risks, and weaknesses in your technology environment
  • Prioritize decisions based on your unique business goals and objectives
  • Leverage technology and internal resources for optimum efficiency and scale
  • Meet industry standards of compliance, security and uptime

Elevating Performance with a Proactive IT Approach

Innovation can transform your business and elevate your performance, but navigating technology isn’t always easy. Through experience, focus and discipline, BACS has honed its skills to identify the best path to success. We have deep experience helping companies of all sizes make the right technology decisions.

Using industry best practice tools and techniques, our comprehensive IT assessments help answer questions that are vital for helping your business increase efficiency, minimize risk, bolster security, and enhance your ability to compete. We work with you to understand your vision and create an actionable roadmap that will allow you to manage and scale your business better and smarter.

“BACS is diligent in its effort to help you get more from your people, processes, technology and budget. Our consultants are well-versed in the importance of integrating IT into your overall business strategy. We help you take full advantage of the opportunities a proactive IT approach enables, whether it’s growing revenue, capturing market share, or enhancing the customer experience.”

With managed services expertise from BACS, you’ll benefit from:

  • Improved efficiency and dependability of your IT operations
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • A proactive approach to maintenance
  • Predictable pricing, manageable costs and optimum ROI
  • Greater flexibility of IT staff to work on strategic projects
  • Wider access to advanced technologies
  • Specialized expertise for key functions

Reaping the Benefits of Expert IT Support

“Not all providers are created equal and choosing the wrong one could prove costly. As your business needs change and grow, more focus is needed to ensure that technical delivery functions and IT services are designed, implemented, managed and controlled in a consistent manner. Selecting a service provider that can deliver the range of capabilities you need is critical. Following are some key criteria to consider.”

  • Supports business growth. Your services provider should have the necessary skills and expertise to work with you to shape an IT strategy that aligns with your business goals and keeps your infrastructure secure, agile, and efficient. As your business grows, you’ll logically add to your support team, so you’ll want a service provider that can quickly and efficiently add new systems, workstations, and support locations.
  • Ahead of the technology curve. One thing is clear: technology will continue to evolve. You need an IT provider that can effectively adapt to both change and growth. Your provider should be well-versed in creating a solid technology roadmap to ensure your business remains on the forefront of IT management and performance capabilities.
  • Security and compliance. Effective IT security requires a holistic approach that effectively blends proven best practices with new cutting-edge techniques. Your IT services provider should have deep experience in disaster recovery planning and be capable of effectively guiding you on new and emerging compliance requirements. They should be up to speed and highly skilled in the ability to define your business requirements and implement a security plan that aligns with your current and long-term needs.
  • Help Desk. Your service provider should be able to clearly outline and define its Help Desk capabilities. Where is it based? What is the expertise level of support staff? What is the standard response time? Will you get immediate help from an expert or will someone call you back? Ideally your provider should offer an automated process to generate and track tickets and resolve problems from a single dashboard.

Data management. Make sure you understand (and your provider can clearly demonstrate) the practices and processes it uses to safeguard vital business assets. To protect sensitive data, IT policy controls should be automatically enforced through technical elements, such as authorization, authentication, access controls, password complexity, alerting, and system monitoring.

Charting a Path to a More Efficient, Reliable IT Operation

In an era where technology often drives business growth, IT is more critical than ever. A calculated, strategic approach to IT planning can help keep your business operating efficiently, nimbly, and securely. BACS consultants consistently track technology trends to recommend the best solution for your unique situation. We help you define your IT goals, map out the best strategy, and assist you with execution.

“By performing an objective IT evaluation and applying our business consulting experience, we identify opportunities to streamline your operations, generate new revenues, improve your customers’ experience, and create a competitive advantage. An intelligent, well-planned IT strategy can make it easier for your business to persevere through hard times, or put you in an ideal position to jump on a new opportunity when it arises.”

WE LISTEN: You tell us where you want to improve, the goals you want to reach and the results you’re looking to achieve.

WE CREATE: We use our deep knowledge and industry expertise to develop a technical roadmap that aligns with your business priorities.

WE APPLY: We leverage the latest technologies and proven best practices to help propel your business forward.

WE DELIVER: You benefit from a well-planned IT strategy that:

  • Optimizes technology and resources
  • Minimizes risk
  • Prepares you for the future
  • Supports your business objectives

Staying Agile in a time of Change

No area of an organization encounters more change than IT. The daily demands on leadership to deliver performance, improve the customer experience, safeguard data, meet regulatory requirements, and drive efficiency are ever-increasing. BACS can help your business meet the demands of today and anticipate and prepare for the demands of tomorrow.

Most IT organizations are stuck in reactive mode, continuously putting out fires and rushing to resolve the latest crisis. Reactive measures can’t be completely avoided, but you can improve your approach. Given the enormous upside potential, the sooner you engage with a qualified MSP, the better.

At BACS, our focus is on helping you effectively manage and support your IT operation for continuous improvement. Our flexible delivery models are designed to meet your specific needs while minimizing the impact on your business.

You can count on BACS to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of your business, your people and your goals
  • Advise you on how to best optimize the value of your technology investments
  • Identify and outline every strategic and business advantage we can find
  • Be your trusted partner for IT strategy and technology decisions

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