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Dangers of Piecemealing IT Solutions

A piecemeal approach to anything is characterized by small, haphazard measures of uncertainty over a longer period of time. Aside from the extended time to resolve an issue, piecemeal solutions…
BACS IT Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Differences Data ProtectionSecuritySecurity ArchitectStrategy

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing: What Are the Differences?

Complexities of software coding have risen exponentially over recent years, without signs of slowing down. As an example, Microsoft 95, released 25 years ago, consisted of 15 million lines of…
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Creating a Secure Remote Workforce

In a few brief years, organizations of all sizes have been driven to redeploy their workforce from office to home or some hybrid solution. To suggest this was a deliberate…
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Advanced Email Threats and Solutions

Email is the most incredible communication medium ever created for personal and professional use. From the application’s humble beginnings in 1965, 270 billion emails are now delivered every day. No…
BACS IT Top Five Cybersecurity Threats Facing the Financial Services Industry Data ProtectionSecurity

Top Five Cybersecurity Threats Facing the Financial Services Industry

The digital age has opened up an array of new and potentially vulnerable access points for cybercriminals to infiltrate your networks and its devices. Whether caused by a deliberate attack,…
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Avoiding a Security Lapse During Infrastructure Improvements

The pace of technology innovation continues to accelerate. New versions of software are launched every day to keep businesses on the cutting edge of digital transformation and customer service. Frequent…