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TECH TALK: 7 Trends You May Have Missed About Cybersecurity

At any given point in time, there are numerous trending topics in cybersecurity. Change is one aspect of technology that we can always depend on, and that’s a good thing.…
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The Anatomy of Great Cybersecurity

If security professionals were asked to define the anatomy of great cybersecurity, it would likely be significantly different than a few years ago. IT departments are allocating more resources to…
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TECH TALK: 3 Steps to Developing an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

Has the task of developing an effective cybersecurity strategy landed on your To-Do list? As the average worldwide cost of a data breach is estimated as $3.92 million (from The…
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Best Practices for Building a High Availability Cloud Architecture

The critical nature of today’s cloud workloads has made choosing the right cloud architecture more important than ever. To reduce the potential for system failures and hold downtime to a…
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Gaining an Edge with Effective Virtualization Management  

Virtualization offers businesses a supremely agile infrastructure framework that allows services and applications to be deployed quickly and efficiently for greater competitive advantage. Not surprisingly, virtualization continues to grow in…
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Reaping the Benefits of Proactive Data Protection

The rapid proliferation of digital technologies offers businesses vast potential for expansion and innovation, but it also creates a host of new security risks. As the growth in the number…