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Company: Sleep Health

Improving Performance with Better Infrastructure Management

Steady market growth was creating data and infrastructure failures for Sleep Health, prompting the company to seek a more flexible, cost-efficient solution. Discover how growing volumes of data was consolidated and the upgrades they made to scale their expanding business.

Discover The Data Infrastructure Employed That Solved Sleep Health's Problem

Company: Recor Medical

Driving Business Growth with More Agile IT

Inflexible IT infrastructure, increased security concerns, and escalating scalability challenges led Recor Medical to explore more effective IT configuration alternatives. Working with BACS, the company was able to consolidate its existing server infrastructure into a cloud-based file sharing solution that addresses the company’s scalability and security issues while helping to streamline data management and ease compliance burdens.

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Company: Eargo

Rapid Wireless Deployment Helps Pave the Way for Business Expansion

After relocating into a new, more expansive office building, one of the first priorities for Eargo, a West-coast-based hearing device manufacturer, was quickly establishing reliable wireless connectivity. Working with BACS, the company was able to install the required infrastructure and activate a new wireless network in a matter of days. The rapid installation helped ensure the continuity of its business operations while creating an IT foundation that would help drive business growth in the years to come.

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