Your Security is Our Primary Concern!

Cybersecurity is a big deal these days. Because just one cyber intrusion can end a company. I fact, the FBI and other government agencies are telling us that ransomware attacks have surpassed the $1 Billion mark.

Worldwide, criminals are stealing over $1 Billion dollars a year from companies just like yours.

It’s terrible. But it’s the world we live in. And we have to protect our businesses! That’s why the IT professionals of BACS Consulting Group make securing your IT assets our #1 priority. You can’t have a stable business unless you have a secure business. We can provide this for you.

BACS will help you protect your priceless corporate data from the threat of an inevitable cyber attack or data hostage situation.

Cyber-security is the best IT investment you will ever make.

Effective data security from BACS Consulting Group is a multi-layered solution designed specifically for you.

There is no single magic bullet that will give you all the protection you need.

We implement a combination of proper technology and best-practice policies.

We’ll take it a step at a time, and we’ll walk with you every step of the way!

BACS has been helping companies protect their valuable data since 1997.

So, we have been around the block many, many times. We’ve come to the rescue of dozens of companies and helped them avoid complete disaster.

BACS Cybersecurity Consulting Service includes:

  • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
  • Network Security Review
  • Policy Assessment
  • Web Application Assessments
  • Firewall Rule Review
  • Domain Password Audits
  • Social Engineering Assessments
  • Wireless Assessments
  • PCI Compliance Review

The time for action is now. BEFORE there is a serious breach. A data breach will cost you a minimum of several thousand dollars, lost time, frustration, massive hassle, lost business, and lowered customer confidence.

Give us a call now at (650) 887-4601  or send an email to We can help.

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Why BACS is your best choice for business technology solutions.
BACS isn’t your average IT provider; our service isn’t “average,” and we don’t hire people who are “average.” We expect everyone on our team to always deliver service that results in a “WOW!”
Now you can partner with an IT services company that has exceptional people with strong values who do first-class work.
All our work is 100% guaranteed and our “no-robot” policy ensures that every time you call, a real human being will be on the other end of the line. This allows us to provide excellent service from the second you pick up the phone.
You can count on us to pay attention to the tiny details – providing the best customer experience in the industry.
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We Are Show Ready

Every team member arrives Mentally, Physically, and Psychologically prepared to provide the best experience possible.

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We Are Leaders

Being a leader is not defined by a title but defined by actions. Our team has aligned our values and vision to empower our team members to exceed expectations.

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We Are Passionate

We take pride and have urgency in what we do and how we do it. You can see and feel our passion for your business in everything we do.

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We Are Excellent

We strive every day to exceed your expectations by having extraordinary attention to detail and always proving our commitment to your business.

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We Are Engaged

We have worked hard to build a culture, processes, and the beliefs that make BACS great so we align perfectly with like minded people and companies.

BACS provides an excellent cost effective IT service from computer setup to setting up a server and network. One of the benefits to using BACS is their flexibility and willingness to do special projects such as installing new wiring or server on short notice. Also, it has been nice to have IT support on-site part-time three days a week and also have phone support at other times.

Marilyn FoustOffice Manager, Eargo Inc.

BACS provides us with outstanding IT consulting/services, competitive rates, deep technical expertise, excellent customer service and flexible remote/on-site scheduling. BACS provides significant value to our organization by enabling us to be more agile and responsive by providing superb day-to-day front-end user support, infrastructure & systems administration and tailored project consulting services.

Johnny DonavichSenior Manager of IT, DFINE, Inc.

I wanted to reach out and say a big “Thank You” to BACS for helping with our security crisis here. It was a very scary time for us. I felt that you truly understood that urgency, and I think we nailed the problem. I appreciate that more than you know. It means the world to truly have some I.T. people who are “On Our Team”, and your initial help was excellent.

D. FagellaOwner, Mountainview, CA

I needed help in converting my computer E-mail system so that I could use it with Microsoft exchange and synchronize with my cell phones. This is quite a complicated process and Jeremy worked very hard to set up correctly. Everything worked as promised when he was done so I’m quite pleased.

R.S.CEO, Palo Alto, CA